Ardhana’s 2012 Honda Freed

ardhana honda freed

2012 Honda Freed Automatic Transmission
XXR527 17″ (8.5-9.5jj) | Bridgestone 215/40

Owner: I Ketut Ardhana Waisnawa (20)
Owner’s location: Denpasar, Bali
Owner’s Instagram ID: @ardhanawaisnawa

ardhana honda freed

Bali-Trip_mixed_0254 Bali-Trip_mixed_0255 Bali-Trip_mixed_0253 Bali-Trip_mixed_0252 Bali-Trip_mixed_0251 Bali-Trip_mixed_0250 Bali-Trip_mixed_0249 Bali-Trip_mixed_0248 Bali-Trip_mixed_0247 ardhana honda freed

fotografi oleh Rieza Alvarez.


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