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Dimas Ragil’s 2008 Suzuki Swift

Dimas Ragil Suzuki Swift

2008 Suzuki Swift Manual Transmission
Borbet 17″ (8.5-10jj)| Accelera Alpha 195/40 –  205/40

Owner: Dimas Ragil (22)
Owner’s location: Badung, Bali
Owner’s Instagram ID: @dimasragilkp

Bali-Trip_mixed_0339 Bali-Trip_mixed_0324 Bali-Trip_mixed_0234 Bali-Trip_mixed_0235 Bali-Trip_mixed_0236 Bali-Trip_mixed_0237 Bali-Trip_mixed_0238 Bali-Trip_mixed_0233 Bali-Trip_mixed_0196 Bali-Trip_mixed_0180 Bali-Trip_mixed_0181 Bali-Trip_mixed_0143

fotografi oleh Rieza Alvarez.



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